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12 Kw Energy Saving Water Temperature Control Unit with Dual Digital Display

12 kw Energy Saving Water Temperature Control Unit With Dual Digital Display Quick Detail: KASSEL's KEWT water temperature control system maximizes performance with...

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Product Details

12 kw Energy Saving Water Temperature Control Unit With Dual Digital Display

Quick Detail:

MAX TEMPERATURE:180℃                                                      power of heating :12 kw

Working principle

Mold temperature machine by the water tank, heating and cooling system, power transmission system, liquid level control  system and temperature sensors, spree and other parts. Normally, the pump to make hot fluid in the power transmission system from water tank has a built-in  heater and cooler to mold, then back to the tank from the mold; The temperature sensor measuring the temperature of the thermal fluid and sends the data to the  control part of the controller; Controller to regulate the temperature of the thermal fluid flow, and indirectly, to regulate the temperature of the mold. If in production mold temperature machine, mold temperature more than set value of the controller, the controller will open the solenoid valve connected to feed line, until the temperature of the heat transfer fluid, namely the temperature of the mold back to the set value. If the mold temperature is lower than the set value,it will open the heater controller.

safety protection:
1, the total power supply overcurrent fuseless circuit breaker;
2, motor reverse protection and light;
3, water cooling water protection and lights;
4, circulating pump overload protection and indicator;
5, BY-PASS pressure relief safety circuit
6, power phase protection
7, high-pressure explosion-proof device
8, abnormal alarm buzzer


Max temperature(℃)


Power supply(KW)


Pump pressure (KG/CM²)


Max pump flow L/MIN



380V 50HZ

Control precision(℃)

PID +/-1℃

Transfer medium


Cooling way


Weight (kg)


Pump power(KW)


Alert function: pump reversal/oil shortage/overheating/overload/oil overflow

Competitive Advantage:
1. By applying separated electricity box, heat insulation, the operation is simple to grasp;
2. Microcomputer two groups PID control, inside the store automatic;
3. Safety protection and fault indication is prefect;
4. Using original Shanghai Schneider splicer;
5. The machine has the start automatic exhaust function;
6. with over-temperature protection function.

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