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150℃ 9kw Water Temperature Control Unit for High Temperature Runner Model

150℃9kw water temperature control unit for high temperature runner model Quick Detail: KASSEL's KEWT water temperature control system maximizes performance with temperatures...

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Product Details

150℃9kw  water temperature control unit for high temperature runner model

Quick Detail:
MAX TEMPERATURE:180℃       power of heating :9 kw

Kassel 120 ℃ water machine features
1. Temperature control range: water temperature +25 ℃ → 120 ℃
2 temperature control method: imported microcomputer or PLC control
3 mode of operation: computer touch control, easy to understand, suitable for factory use
4. Imported dual P.I.D temperature control table, touch-type storage, automatic calculation, energy saving more than 35%
5. Pipe explosion-proof device, the use of high security
6. One 304 stainless steel pipe to reduce the tube resistance and scale production
7. Electrical appliances using WEST.OMRON. FUJI. TE. LG., And the use of isolated electrical control box, greatly extending the service life
8 boot automatic exhaust function
9. Backwater temperature display table to facilitate temperature monitoring and management
10. Heating power can be switched

1) Provide two kinds of specifications of water or oil, the customer can choose according to the needs
2) The flow of horizontal pump can be always kept steady, circulate peaceful and its service life keeps long
3) Adopt stainless steel tank, this interior tank will not get rust for long term, which is sure to prevent from any blockade of pipes and keep long-term service of pump
4) Oil type recycle temperature controllers have a level gauge and striking alarm line
5) Micro-computer high-precision automatic temperature control, temperature is stable, fluctuating scope ±1
6) Automatic alarming function, while the system have fault, this device will automatically warn and cut off the electric power , thus to guarantee their safety
7) Compact in size, light in weight, convenient to move and little room to occupy


Max temperature(℃)


Power supply(KW)


Pump pressure (KG/CM²)


Max pump flow L/MIN



380V 50HZ

Control precision(℃)

PID +/-1℃

Transfer medium


Cooling way




Pump power(KW)


Alert function: pump reversal/oil shortage/overheating/overload/oil overflow

150 ℃ water temperature machine structure performance introduction

A, mode of operation
1, imported PC microcomputer touch control, elegant appearance;
2, ONE-TOUCH automatic exhaust function after boot, mold air can be automatically heated after the exclusion.
B, mechanical piping system:
1, the internal piping are all seamless 304 stainless steel one-piece molding, heating evenly, tube loss is small;
2, with pressure relief circuit device, water shortage alarm, protection pump and heating pipe.
3, heating and cooling speed, stable fast, empty machine warmed to 150 ℃ for about 5 minutes.
4, the circulatory system pump using "Okrank" high pressure 180 ℃ hot water pump, good thermal conductivity,
Mold warming fast, small temperature difference, more than 20% energy saving.
5, the use of flange-type Swedish wire dual-power stainless steel heating tube, suitable for different temperature control applications,
Imported heating wire, long life, easy to burn out;
6, pressure instructions;
7, the solenoid valve imported from Taiwan Dingzhao UNID, high temperature 180 ℃.
8, backwater temperature gauge, can monitor the mold hole with or without blocking, injection molding conditions are stable.
9, high-pressure safety protection system, explosion-proof device.
10, high-pressure safety valve
11, the pressurized system pumps Italy "Fide Germany" small flow, high pressure
12, Cooler: South Korea "Boreijing" plate heat exchanger, cooling speed, temperature control accuracy.

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