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150℃ 12KW PID Water Temperature Controller for Injecting Mold Rubber Rolling

150℃ 12kw PID water temperature controller for injecting mold rubber rolling Quick Detail: KASSEL's KEWT water temperature control system maximizes performance with...

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Product Details

150℃ 12kw PID water temperature controller for injecting mold rubber rolling
Quick Detail:
KASSEL's KEWT water temperature control system maximizes performance with temperatures up to 150°C
MAX TEMPERATURE:150℃                                                     power of heating :12 kw


1, PID adopted to control the temperature. Keeping the error within ±0.5°C.Keeping long time constant temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.
2, Six protective measures: alarm for thermo- couple open circuit, phase fault protect, pump protect, overheat protect, oil shortage protect.
3, Dual digital display shows the actual temperature and the seat temperature.
4, Microcomputer chip control panel with light-touch switch to start the machine with one press Visual and easy to operate, easy to maintain
5, Stainless steel tank without leakage and durable
6, Circumfluence type is able to recollect the diathermanous oil easily and rapidly
7, Exquisite appearance and small in size



Max temperature(℃)


Power supply(KW)


Pump pressure (KG/CM²)


Max pump flow L/MIN



380V 50HZ

Control precision(℃)

PID +/-1℃

Transfer medium


Cooling way




Pump power(KW)


Alert function: pump reversal/oil shortage/overheating/overload/oil overflow


Competitive Advantage:
1. Adopted microcomputer controller ,easy to operate. P.I.D. dual-stage temperature control system maintains an accuracy of ±0.1°C.
2. With sufficient safety production and alarm system
3. Adopts high temperature coupling pump with no leakage of oil.
4. Adopts indirect cooling method,which  realizes fast heating,makes temperature controller more precise and stable
5. Main pipes are made of uni-body stainless steel, with uniform heating and low-loss.
6. Equipped with 304 stainless steel high temperature sluice valve
7. With  automatic shutdown cooling protection function etc.
8. With temperature detecting indication of oil return.

KEWH-30 hot water mold temperature control units in industry Description:

• Explosion-proof equipment (optional)
• Air blowing and return oil return function(optional)
• Thermometer for return oil
• Automatic air-exhausting function after startup
• Switchover of heating power
• Negative-pressure system(optional)
• RS485 communication function for automated management(optional)
• Shutdown delayed cooling function(optional)
• Isolated electric box for longer services lives of electric appliances

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