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  • Hydra-Cell | G-25 Series

    Hydra-Cell | G-25 Series

    Hydra-Cell G-25 seriesRead More

  • Hydra-Cell | G-35 Series

    Hydra-Cell | G-35 Series

    Read More

  • Hydra-Cell | SD Series

    Hydra-Cell | SD Series

    Hydra-Cell | SD seriesRead More

  • PCM | GBB Series

    PCM | GBB Series

    • Transports sludge while cutting down on problems from odours • Used for mixing in lime treatment applications • Suitable for all sludge concentration equipment • Economical compared to other transfer systems such as: - belt conveyors - screw conveyors • Low-cost alternative...Read More

  • PCM | EcoMoineau Series

    PCM | EcoMoineau Series

    Commodity information PCM EcoMoineau™ is the most compact progressing cavity pump (PCP) available on the market today. Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM PCP technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design.Read More

  • PCM | Compact Series

    PCM | Compact Series

    - Compact size, reduced weight - Versatile, easy integration - Excellent Performance/Price ratio - Conception dedicated to food industry with COP - Dosing pump without pulsations - Simple and rugged construction in stainless steel - Easy maintenance - Tolerates dry-running -...Read More

  • PCM | IVASeries

    PCM | IVASeries

    Specially designed to handle heterogeneous and highly viscous products (up to 1 000 000 cPo), the MOINEAU IVA pumps are equipped with one or two force feed screws and a wide throat inlet.Read More

  • PCM | Gavo Series

    PCM | Gavo Series

    GTA(Gavo for belt thickener applications) - sepcifically for thickened sludge - belt thickener or drum recovery - low dryness content and variable viscosity GCA(Gavo for centrifuge applications) -centrifuge thickening -non-sticky , pasty products -low dryness content and low...Read More

  • PCM | I Series

    PCM | I Series

    The original progressing cavity pump by the company who invented and developed PCP technology. The Original PCP design. The rugged construction is ideally suited for most industrial and municipal applications. It is ideal for handling viscous and abrasive products, such as...Read More

  • PCM | GAVO Food Series

    PCM | GAVO Food Series

    - Transfers very viscous products, - Accommodates non-homogeneous products containing pasty and even sticky pieces, - Improved circulation of the fluid thanks to the hopper’s shapeRead More

  • PCM | F Series

    PCM | F Series

    1. Water treatment - Flocculants in waste water treatment plant, deionized water. - Polyelectrolytes and various polymers. 2. Industry - Dosing of additives, Draining of retention tanks, etc… Machine coolant, 3. Mechanical - Machine coolant, oil and cutting oil. - Used oils...Read More

  • PCM | J Series

    PCM | J Series

    Suitable for water with particles High impact force Low pulsation Self priming Custom washing solutions availableRead More

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