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300℃ 24KW Oil Hot Transfer Fluid for Reactors and Exchangers

300 ℃ 24KW oil hot transfer fluid / for Reactors and Exchangers Quick Detail: KASSE'S KEOT series heat transfer oil systems are designed to meet the high...

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Product Details

300 24KW oil hot transfer fluid / for Reactors and Exchangers
Quick Detail:
KASSE'S KEOT series heat transfer oil systems are designed to meet the high temperature demands of controlling process temperatures up to 300℃ with an option to go to 320℃ MAX power :600KW
MAX temperature:300℃                                                        power of heating:24KW

As the heat-conducting oil possesses some advantages of good thermal stability, good heat-transfer performance, low vapor pressure, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive on equipment, our electric thermal oil heaterhas gradually been more extensive used in enterprise production.  

Thermostat: Omron series temperature controller, built-in temperature control module, P.I.D values set according to process demand, wide temperature range, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃.
Heating element: heating wire imported from Sweden, was ring-shaped, filled stainless steel tube, the gap partially filled with thermal conductivity and excellent insulation properties of magnesium oxide shrink tube made of tube inserted, flange connection, placed in stainless steel Central heating barrels, heating evenly, will not produce local overheating.
Heat transfer pump: Taiwan's new series of high-temperature pump, smooth operation, heat transfer effect is obvious, low noise, no leakage.
Electrical components: All electrical components are Schneider series of electrical components, low failure rate, extend equipment life.
Control System: microcomputer control, 5-way single-chip board, double PID, heating and cooling run independently.
High temperature oil temperature machine security features:
A number of security settings, the temperature anomalies, the cycle temperature exceeds the upper limit alarm and cut off the main power supply, contactor stuck abnormal heating alarm and instructions, abnormal system pressure automatically stop the heating action, BY-PASS pressure relief circuit protection pump Pu, liquid level switch to detect the oil level to prevent the lack of oil and alarm instructions, safety protection Improve fault display, maintenance without professionals. Adopt intelligent control technology, you can quickly heat the thermostat can also quickly cool cooling, heating and cooling system dual control, temperature accuracy Can be controlled within the degree to meet your diverse needs of a variety of jobs.


Max temperature(℃)


Heat power (KW)


Pump head(M)


Max pump flow M³/H


Pump Power:


Tank (L)


Transfer medium


Cooling way


Control precision(℃)

PID +/-1℃



Alert function: pump reversal/oil shortage/overheating/overload/oil overflow

300 degree oil heating machine has the advantage of temperature control range, heat OK, heat transfer speed, but the need for heat media costs. Europe to mechanical professional R & D, production of thermal oil heaters, oil temperature heating machine, oil heaters, oil-fired furnace. According to the maximum oil temperature required, there are 180 degrees ordinary oil temperature machine, 300 degrees high temperature oil heating machine, 350 degrees die-casting mold temperature machine. At present, the high-temperature oil heating machine produced by Ouneng Machinery has been well received in the fields of roller temperature control, hot press molding, heating plate temperature control, rubber curing machine temperature control, reactor heating, hydraulic press heating, oven heating and other oil heating equipment trust.