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200℃ 24KW Oil Temperature Control Machine for Reactors and Exchangers

200 ℃ 24KW oil temperature control machine / for Reactors and Exchangers Quick Detail: KASSEL'S KOS series heat transfer oil systems are designed to meet the high...

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Product Details

200 24KW oil temperature control machine / for Reactors and Exchangers

Quick Detail:
Oil temperature machine is the thermal conductivity of oil as a medium mold temperature machine. He also can be called oil heaters, oil temperature heaters, oil circulation temperature control machine.
MAX temperature:200℃                                     power of heating:24KW

Magnesium alloy die-casting special oil temperature machine, the use of working temperature up to 350 degrees, using the world's most advanced process design, high temperature control, high thermal conductivity, energy efficient. And can be configured to automatically sucked back to the oil, all negative pressure operation, RS485 communication and other functions, fully representative of today's highest level of European imports die temperature comparable.

Failure analysis and trouble shooting

1, power indicator does not light after power

Possible causes: Warranty burn, main power failure, transformer damage, circuit board damage, other line failure

Remedy: Replacement insurance, check the main power, replace the transformer, the worse the circuit board, check other circuits

2, after power on, the machine reverse indicator light, no alarm buzzer

Possible causes: The main power phase sequence error, the main power phase loss, the internal wiring error, the main control board damaged

Remedy: The main power any two lines interchangeable, check the main power supply voltage, check the internal wiring lines, replace the main control board.

3, open the pump, the low level indicator light, the pump does not start

Possible causes: Insufficient fuel tank following kerosene, insufficient water pressure (2KGF / CM2), low pressure setting is too high.

Remedy: Want to add thermal oil in the tank until the alarm stops, increase the water pressure until the alarm stops. Reset the low pressure switch until the alarm.

Chemical engineering, rubber, plastic, building, coating, paper rolling, food, pharmacy, packing


Max temperature(℃)


Heat power (KW)


Pump head(M)


Max pump flow L/MIN


Pump Power(KW)




Transfer medium


Cooling way


Control precision(℃)

PID +/-1℃



Alert function: pump reversal/oil shortage/overheating/overload/oil overflow

Competitive Advantage:
Heater Selector Switch (Automatic)
Heater Selector Switch (Manual)
High-Temperature Stainless Steel Braided Hose
Leak Containment Cabinetry
Low Fluid Level Shut-Off
Control Options - remote set point and re-transmission, communication ports, and much more
Heat Exchanger Flow Control System
Mechanical Pump Seal
Other Voltages, Phases, Frequencies
Overhead Piping Kit
Phase Indicator
Process Fluid Purge via Switch
Sealed Reservoir
Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pump

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