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200℃ 18KW Oil Temperature Control Machine for Asphalt and Vulcanizing Presses

200 ℃ 18KW oil temperature control machine / for Asphalt and Vulcanizing Presses Quick Detail: KASSEL'S KOS series heat transfer oil systems are designed to meet the...

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Product Details

200℃ 18KW oil temperature control machine / for Asphalt and Vulcanizing Presses 

Quick Detail:
KASSEL'S KOS series heat transfer oil  systems are designed to meet the high temperature demands of controlling  process temperatures up to 200 ℃ with an option to go to 250℃ MAX power :400KW
MAX temperature:200℃                                                       power of heating:18KW

As the heat-conducting oil possesses some advantages of good thermal stability, good heat-transfer performance, low vapor pressure, non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive on equipment, our electric thermal oil heaterhas gradually been more extensive used in enterprise production.  

Chemical engineering, rubber, plastic, building, coating, paper rolling, food, pharmacy, packing 


Max temperature(℃)


Heat power (KW)


Pump head(M)


Max pump flow L/MIN


Pump Power(KW)




Transfer medium


Cooling way


Control precision(℃)

PID +/-1℃



Alert function: pump reversal/oil shortage/overheating/overload/oil overflow

Oil mold temperature machine advantages:

1, liquid water or oil can be changed to use:

  According to the molding mold temperature needs, any change in water or oil as a vehicle, high selectivity, in line with economic benefits

2, European-style pump:

  Adopt horizontal vortex, pump, steady flow and long service life.

3, stainless steel water (oil) tank:

  Stainless steel storage tank (oil), plate heat exchanger cooling, the pipeline 304 stainless steel, long-term use will not be due to rust inside the pipe, causing pipeline congestion and affect the pump life

4, automatic alarm device:

  When the water or oil medium is not normal lack of, the warning light that is bright and automatically alarm, at the same time automatically cut off the heating and pump power to stop running

5, high-precision temperature control:

  Lifting temperature rapid response, small temperature changes, molded products, delicate luster, can not afford to flash edge

6, reduce the defective rate of molded products:

  Pre-heating before molding, the operation begins, the mold then reaches the required temperature, greatly reducing the molding defect rate

7, keep the temperature appropriate:

  Continuous operation or a short shutdown, the mold always maintain the appropriate temperature, to enhance the rationalization of molding operations, and the molding quality is more perfect.

8, small size, light weight:

  Easy to install, easy to operate, easy to move, does not take up space.