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When The Oil Temperature Tank Expansion Tank Need To Pay Attention To
- Dec 05, 2017 -

In high-temperature oil heating system, the design and use of the expansion tank is a very important parameter for the successful operation of the whole system. Proper design, installation and maintenance of the expansion tank help to prolong the life of the HTF and also indirectly protect the heater, Thermal pumps and other equipment components, correctly designed expansion tank installed to solve long-term heat transfer system in many problems. Oil temperature machine, oil circulation mold temperature machine, oil heater will be equipped with an expansion tank.

  The expansion tank of the expansion tank of the oil temperature machine can play a variety of functions such as exhaust gas, oil replenishment and dehydration. The installation height of the expansion tank is based on the saturated vapor pressure that must be greater than the pump's cavitation allowance and the HTF working condition, and higher than the maximum use hot spot. The expansion tank should be installed at the highest point of the HTF heating system, otherwise the HTF of the expansion unit can not be filled up. If the HTF is forcibly filled up, the expansion tank will fall to the top.

  In order to prevent the HTF from oxidizing, it is stipulated that the expansion tank temperature should not be higher than 70 ℃ in normal use because the oxidation of the HTF will be aggravated when the temperature is higher than 70 ℃. Oxidation rate of HTF has a direct relationship with temperature. Under the condition of below 70 ℃, the contact oxidation with air is not obvious. When the temperature exceeds 70 ℃, the oxidation reaction can occur. The higher the temperature is, the faster the oxidation rate is and the higher the oxidation rate is. Heat conducting oil will quickly broken, plug the pipeline. The means to prevent the high temperature of the expansion tank is mainly that the expansion tank can not be insulated. The diameter of the expansion pipe must be designed according to the regulations, and the maximum height of the expansion tank to the heat conduction oil system can not be too low. Between the expansion tube is relatively appropriate, conducive to thermal oil cooling, of course, the expansion tube can not be insulated, and even the pipeline with better heat dissipation finned tube better.

  In fact, the use of oil temperature machine, the expansion tank is not involved in heating, and its main role is still reflected in the role of additional thermal oil and exhaust dehydration. In order to prevent air resistance, expansion pipe installation is generally not used less than or equal to 90 ° elbow, usually for more than 90 ° of the slow-bend connecting pipe. This solution not only to prevent air resistance, but also to eliminate the thermal stress of metal equipment pipe. Heat conduction oil use for a period of time, the natural loss of 5 ~ 10% / year, the need for additional expansion tank to reduce the liquid level with the charge pump from the low slot to the expansion tank added to the normal level, the working temperature <2/3 Liquid level is normal, otherwise it should be suspected that the design and installation and operation is wrong, in any case during the expansion tank should not have no level.

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