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What Is The Use Of A Chiller?
- May 19, 2018 -

It can be used in many fields. The main application areas are:

1. The cold water machine can be used in the supporting vacuum equipment. Such chillers also meet the requirements of high quality vacuum equipment, such as

Sub pump, small vacuum coating machine and so on.

2, the cold water machine is used in the matching medical laser equipment. The unique water treatment characteristics of this chiller make it a medical treatment.

Ideal matching equipment for laser equipment is necessary. This series of chillers is also widely used in atomic absorption spectrometry.

An instrument, a fermenting device, a reaction kettle, an electrophoretic instrument, etc. The cold water machine must pay attention in the process of use: first use the liquid medium before the use of the slot, then use the power supply according to the model of the machine, the power supply should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument, the power must have good grounding, again the cold water machine should be placed in the dry and ventilated place, and then come to that Side away from the barrier 400mm distance, after the end of the use of the end of the cold water machine, all switch off the state, connect the power plug, use the ball, the pipe to drain the liquid in the slot.

3, cold water machine can be used to match the experimental condensing equipment. Such as rotary evaporator, distiller, condenser tube, with temperature.

High and low temperature, stable temperature and high condensation efficiency can effectively improve the recovery rate. At the same time, its fluid purification function,

To avoid clogging of circulation pipes and growth of microbes.

4. Chillers are used in matching semiconductor laser equipment. Semiconductor laser equipment requires special water quality because of its special structure.

Higher. This series of cold water machine unique water purification system, can filter solid particles, choose deionizing device, dew point.

The detection device is more in line with the needs of semiconductor lasers.