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What Is The Electric Heater Boiler
- Dec 29, 2017 -

What is the electric heater boiler

       Electric heaters boilers use metal tubular electric heaters to heat the water to convert it directly to heat (hot water or steam). Do not need to use the combustion method of chemical energy into heat, it does not need to supply air and fuel required for combustion, will not emit harmful gases and ash, in full compliance with environmental requirements.

       Electric heater Boiler mainly by the boiler body and electric control box and control system. Its features are environmentally friendly, clean, pollution-free, noise-free, fully automatic, electric heater boilers, including KS-D electric heater boilers, CLDZ electric heater hot water boiler, CLDR electric heater steam boilers, The reduction and substantial price increases, electric heater boilers as emerging boiler equipment more and more everyone's approval.

       Electric heater tube is the core part of the electric heater boiler, directly determines the life of the boiler, try to choose non-metallic electric heater tube (such as ceramic electric heater tube), because it is resistant to load, long life, and water separation Structure, the boiler never leakage.

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