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What Is Oil Temperature Control Unit Application
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Application industryApplication field, oil and chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, melting, dehydration, forced heat preservation.Oil industry: fatty acid distillation, fat decomposition, enrichment, esterification, vacuum smelly reaction kettle temperature control, such as the reaction kettle heating.Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melting, spinning, extension, dry.Textile printing and dyeing work: hot finalize the design the rollers heating, drying room heating, hot let dyeing.Nonwoven industry: non-woven fabric.Feed industry: drying.Plastic and rubber industry: extrusion, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization molding.Paper industry: dry, corrugated paper processing.Wood industry: plywood, fiberboard forcing molding, laminate heating, hot platen heating, hydraulic mechanical control temperature, wood drying.Building materials: plasterboard drying, asphalt heating, concrete component maintenance.Machinery industry: painting, printing drying.Food industry: oven heating, sandwich pot heating.Heating of the air conditioning industry, industrial buildings and civil buildings.Construction industry: asphalt melting and heat preservation.Pharmaceutical industry: drying.Light industry: the production of printing ink, washing powder.Chemical light industry: polymerization, condensation reaction and distillation, distillation, concentration, evaporation and meltingPetrochemical industry: synthesis, reaction and distillation, distillation, heating, heat preservation, heat storage tank and heavy oil heatingOil: oil decomposition, deodorization, fatty acid distillation, heating, hydrogenation reaction, esterificationPlastic and rubber extrusion, rolling, extrusion, vulcanization moldingLeather industry: man-made leather processingTextile printing and dyeing, heat setting, drying, baking, evaporation and meltingChemical fiber: polymerization, melting spinning, weaving processing and moulding, thermosetting, extension, dryCoating paint: paint baking, drying, high temperature solid melting, household appliances, automobile baking varnish, the coatingMotor cars and aeroplanes: baking paint coating, drying, heat molding, high temperature binderWood processing: hot pressing, drying, wood processing and wood materials, furniture (system), man-made board (medium density fiberboard (MDF),Particle board, plywood, directional particieboard) artificial fiberboard, laminate molding, dry wood, wood drying,Plywood, particleboard, MDF, suitable fuel (sanding powder, wood powder, bark, wood)Forest industry, hot pressing, drying, man-made board, MDF, particle board, directional particieboard, wheat straw board, plywood, particle board, veneer, wood processing, wood, real wood floor, wood drying, wood products, furniture, paper printing of real wood floor: corrugated plate processing, paper processing, printing ink production and processing, hot melt, dryConstruction materials: dissolve asphalt, concrete curing pot, waterproof material and fuel productionCement: fuel heating carbon industry: asphalt heating, thermal insulation, melting, melting, dipping, mixing, moldingHighway traffic, road construction machinery, asphalt heating, melting, heat preservation of municipal road building, asphalt heating, melting and heat preservationAsphalt heating: heating, meltingAir conditioning, heating heat source, heating and ventilation and radiation heatingPharmaceutical industry: the pharmaceutical careAtomic energy industry: nuclear fuel processingMetal processing: pickling, electroplating, painting, oil bath heat treatmentElectrical: resin impregnation, dissolution, heat preservationElectroplating industry: galvanized, chrome plating, silver plating

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