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Water Temperature Machine Works
- Dec 06, 2017 -

When it comes to water temperature, many people may know it because it is widely used in industrial production. Water temperature machine is water as a thermal medium die temperature machine, so called water temperature machine, also called water transport mold temperature machine, is also a mold temperature machine. Water We all know that the water machine to do thermal conductivity of water, direct access to water on the line, the use of very convenient, but also save a lot of costs, and less pollution. Water temperature machine is also greatly welcomed by the manufacturers. Below, we understand the working principle of the water temperature machine.

        In fact, the working principle of the water temperature machine is relatively simple, in front of us introduced the working principle of the mold temperature machine, in fact, both the working principle is similar. Water temperature machine works: Water temperature pump drive water from the built-in heater and cooler in the water tank to reach the required temperature control equipment, and then returned to the tank from the device. The controller adjusts the temperature of the hot fluid to reach the temperature required by the device based on the temperature of the hot fluid measured by the temperature sensor. Circulating back to the high-temperature water through the pipe back to the cooler, pressurized by the pump to the heater, heated by the heating pipe to the hot equipment, so cycle.

        The safety setting of the water temperature machine is also very safe. In the water temperature machine running process, when the liquid level switch detects the liquid level drops to the set value, the replenishment solenoid valve opens to supplement the system water to ensure the normal operation of the system. If the high temperature water temperature is too high, the system will automatically start the cooling solenoid valve , Cooling water into the system for indirect cooling of high temperature water, reducing the temperature of high temperature water, so as to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.

        If the temperature of the hot water is still maintained at the set temperature, the system will start the high temperature alarm and stop working. When the system pressure is too high, the system will start to exhaust the solenoid valve to relieve the pressure of the system. If the system continues to maintain the high pressure to the pressure switch Set value, machine alarm downtime. If the pressure switch fails, the safety valve opens, the system pressure relief, if the cooling water pressure does not meet the set requirements, the pressure switch sends a water shortage signal, the system opened to low pressure alarm and stop working.

        The original design of the water temperature is open, the heating temperature is not high, up to only 98 ℃, with the development of science and technology and industrial progress, and now, the water temperature machine is the use of closed heating system, and through the water plus Pressure, the use of its temperature rose to 120 ℃. By means of pressurization, the evaporation temperature of water can also be increased so that the temperature of the water temperature equipment can reach 180 ° C., which greatly broadens the space for development of the water temperature machine equipment and brings a broad hairstyle prospect to the application of the water temperature machine .

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