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Water Temperature Machine Works
- Nov 15, 2017 -

Mold temperature machine, also known as mold temperature control machine, initially used in the injection mold temperature control industry. Later, with the development of the machinery industry is more and more widely used, and now die temperature machine is generally divided into water temperature machine, oil temperature machine, the temperature control can reach plus or minus 0.1 degrees.

Water temperature machine

1, the working principle of the water temperature machine

Mold temperature by the water tank, heating and cooling system, power transmission system, level control system and temperature sensors, injection port and other components. Typically, the pump in the power transmission system causes the hot fluid to reach the mold from the tank containing the built-in heater and cooler and back from the mold to the tank; the temperature sensor measures the temperature of the hot fluid and transmits the data to the control section Controller; the controller adjusts the temperature of the hot fluid to indirectly adjust the temperature of the mold. If during production, the temperature of the mold exceeds the set point of the controller, the controller will open the solenoid valve and connect it to the inlet until the temperature of the hot fluid, ie the temperature of the mold, returns to the set value. If the mold temperature is lower than the set value, the controller turns on the heater.

2, mold temperature machine type

The type of mold temperature machine is based on the use of thermal fluids (water or HTF) to divide. Water temperature machine usually the maximum outlet temperature of 90 ℃, the oil temperature machine for operating temperature ≥ 200 ℃ occasions. Typically, the mold temperature machine with open tank heating is suitable for water or oil, the maximum outlet temperature is 90 ℃ to ≥ 150 ℃ The main features of this mold temperature machine is simple design, economical price. Based on this machine, a die temperature machine using pressurized water is also derived, which allows an outlet temperature of 160 ° C or higher. Since the thermal conductivity of water is higher than that at the same temperature The oil is much better, so this machine has outstanding high-temperature working ability. In addition to time, there is a forced flow of the mold temperature machine, for safety reasons, this mold temperature machine design working temperature above 150 ℃, the use of thermal oil. In order to prevent overheating of the oil in the mold warmer heater, the machine uses a forced-flow pumping system and the heater consists of a number of pipe stacks with finned heating elements for diversion.