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Water Temperature Machine Maintenance
- Dec 06, 2017 -

With the development of industry, the use of water temperature machines is more and more widely used in various industries. Water temperature machines can not underestimate the quality of products and shorten the molding cycle. Water temperature machines can be referred to as water circulation mold temperature machines, water heaters, Water temperature control machine, according to different types of professional design programs, customized according to customer requirements. According to the characteristics of the customer application process design, the temperature control in the best range, improve product quality and production speed and efficiency, save labor and raw material costs, to ensure that the use of the best to ensure product quality.

Water temperature machine and the use of the process, the correct operation and maintenance measures can extend the service life of equipment and reduce the incidence of failure;

1. Check the mold temperature machine cooling water switch is normal every day

2. Daily check the water tank is normal

3. Daily check hot water entrance switch is normal

4 monthly need to check the electromagnetic valve diaphragm cleaning, cleaning degree

5. Check the power cable fixing screws every month

6. Monthly need to check tap water is replaced

7. Within two months need to check the power cord fixing screws are loose

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