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Water Temperature Machine In The Injection Molding Industry
- Dec 13, 2017 -

180 degrees water temperature machine for the injection molding industry and the electronics industry, ultra-high precision temperature control equipment, temperature control range of 180 ℃, the latest development of precision temperature control has reached ± 0.1 ℃ models (for laser disc production), the water temperature machine The use of a wider space.

Water temperature of the thermal medium is water, oil temperature of the thermal medium is the machine. Because the specific heat of water than oil, so the same temperature control in the case, the water temperature of the media thermal conductivity effect is much better. At the same time, the water temperature machine to water as the media, only need to connect tap water, easy to use, and no pollution.

Water temperature machine features:

1, computer touch control, separate electrical control, easy to understand.

2, the temperature control table using imported microcomputer dual group P.I.D control, touch-type automatic storage within the calculation, accurate and reliable, saving more than 35%.

3, safety protection and fault indication system is perfect.

4, using imported advanced components.

5, Suck out the mold back to the oil, full negative pressure operation and other functions.

6, stainless steel forming, tube donation, plus cooked evenly.

7, boot automatically exhaust function.

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