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Water Temperature Machine Fault Classification
- Dec 06, 2017 -

In the injection molding and other industries, must use the mold temperature machine, of which the water machine is also the most popular, because the water machine is water as the temperature control of the thermal medium. Compared with the thermal conductivity of oil as a heat transfer medium oil machine, the thermal conductivity is much better, and water access is also very good, no special requirements for water, as long as the connection of tap water on the line. We value the water temperature machine, there is an important point is the use of water temperature machine pollution-free, which in today's social production, is highly recommended.

        In general, the new water temperature machine will not have any problems, but with a long time, there will be some glitches, any machine is the same. As for the length of time and the size of the failure depends on many factors, and the daily maintenance of the machine have a great relationship. That water temperature machine common fault classification what? Below give you a brief introduction about it.

        Each type of water temperature machine has its main features of the fault, the so-called fault form, or fault conditions. Various water temperature machine fault conditions are appropriate and complicated, but can be summarized in the following categories: abnormal oscillation, mechanical wear, the input signal can not be accepted by the computer, the solenoid valve does not output signal, the mechanical hydraulic components rupture, the share of linear imbalance, hydraulic Pressure drop, hydraulic leakage, oil pump problems, hydraulic noise, circuit aging, abnormal movement, oil deterioration, power supply voltage drop, amplification board no output, temperature control and other.

    Water temperature machine fault is classified as:

    1, progressive failure. Because of the initial deterioration of the water temperature machine and the onset of attack, most water temperature machine failures are attributable to this category. Fault of such problems and electronic control, hydraulic machinery components wear and tear, corrosion, fatigue and creep process are in close contact.

    2, sudden failure. It is a combination of unfavorable factors and occasional external influences, which go beyond the limits acceptable to water machines. Cases such failures are often accidental, without any warning in advance, sudden onset of multiple seizures in the water temperature during use.

        The above is a simple introduction to the water temperature machine common fault classification, I hope everyone will be helpful. Although the occurrence of these glitches is sometimes unavoidable, in daily use we can operate according to the norms and do the maintenance work of the machine, which is very helpful to reduce the occurrence of water machine fault.

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