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Water Temperature Machine Circulating Pump Related Parameters Of The Domestic Calculation Method
- Dec 13, 2017 -

First, the full-cycle hot water circulation system, circulating flow is based on water distribution network in the water distribution system to compensate for the heat loss of the pipe network put forward for a certain pipe network, pipe network total heat loss is a fixed value. In case of no water distribution, the circulating flow must be able to meet the water temperature requirements of all water distribution points. In the water distribution condition, the circulating water distribution network will be the amount of water flow and circulation flow and the outlet temperature at the heater unchanged, the actual temperature drop of the pipe network will be lower than the design temperature drop, the furthest distribution point The outflow temperature will rise. Therefore, as long as the outflow of the circulating pump is the total circulating flow, any water distribution point in the hot water distribution network can flow out hot water no lower than the specified water temperature at any time, so the introduction of the additional circulating flow is of no significance. Admittedly, the total heat loss of a certain hot-water system pipe network is certain, but whether the heat loss has changed in the actual distribution process, and whether the flow rate must be the sum of water distribution and circulation flow , It is open to question.

Second, water point water temperature with the flow of the pipe to the point of increase and increase, and the use of the flow has nothing to do. With the increase of water consumption of the hot water system, although the circulation flow of the system is reduced, the water temperature at the water distribution point will be higher than the prescribed temperature due to the corresponding increase of the pipeline flow rate. Therefore, the basis of additional circulation can not be established. This is undoubtedly correct for a single-loop system or for a pipe that dispenses water. However, in a multi-ring system, the non-outgoing section will cool as the circulating flow decreases.

Third, the additional circulating flow reflects the system part of the water distribution flow, its water flow from the water heater before the cold water system, its energy depends on the cold water system, the use of water pressure, eliminating the need for circulating water pump to supply this part of the flow. Therefore, circulating pump delivery flow does not need to include this part of the flow. This view is based on the premise that the conditions are correct, but the norm has stated that the calculation of additional circulating flows is based on temperature considerations rather than on distribution considerations.

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