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Water Heater Features
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Water heaters are water as the heat transfer medium, electric heating temperature, forced circulation through the heat pump heating. Used not suitable for oil as a heat-generating medium with heat.

Water heater features a few things:

1 computer touch control, easy to understand, sub-key and microcomputer processing PC board.

2 Japan and the United Kingdom imported microcomputer dual P.I.D temperature control table, touch storage, automatic calculation, saving more than 35%.

3 safety protection and fault indication system is perfect.

4 imported advanced components, long service life.

5 liters cooling speed, accurate and stable temperature, can also be customized speed cooling type.

6 unique dual-power heating design, suitable for different temperature control places, energy-saving effect is obvious.

7 stainless steel forming, tube loss, heating evenly.

8 boot exhaust function to prevent dry, protect the machine.

9 mold backwater temperature test table, in order to achieve precise temperature control.

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