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Water-cooled Chillers Routine Maintenance Knowledge
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Water-cooled chiller in normal operation, inevitably because of dirt or other impurities affect the cooling effect. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of water-cooled chiller and optimize the cooling effect, maintenance and maintenance work should be done on a regular basis to ensure the operation quality of chiller and improve the production efficiency. Xiaobian today to organize some water-cooled chillers daily maintenance knowledge, I hope for everyone to help:


        First, regular inspection of water-cooled chillers voltage and current is stable, the compressor is running sound is normal, if semi-hermetic compressor, to regularly check the oil, the normal should be more than 2/3 of the window. Water-cooled chillers normal work, the voltage is 380V, current in the range of 11A-15A is normal.

        Second, regular inspection of water-cooled chiller refrigerant leakage phenomenon: can refer to the main panel front panel high and low pressure gauge to determine the parameters shown. According to the temperature (winter, summer) temperature changes, chiller pressure display is also different, chiller normal work, the general high pressure display 11-17kg, low pressure display 3.5kg-5kg are normal.

        Third, check the water-cooled chiller cooling water system is normal, the cooling tower fan and sprinkler shaft is working well, water-cooled chiller built-in water tank is normal. Water-cooled chillers should be replaced once a month 3 new water, if you can not replace the rust remover.

        Fourth, all industrial chillers should be used six months when the system cleaning, cleaning once a year, the main part of the cleaning include: cooling towers, cooling pipes and condenser parts to ensure better cooling effect.

        Fifth, water-cooled chiller should be closed for a long time not to use pumps, compressors and cooling towers, such as the total power supply circuit switch. Water-cooled chillers need supporting cooling towers and circulating water pump connection can achieve the cooling effect, in order to ensure the quality of recycled water, consider installing a Y-type filter at the water source to the cooling water tower to add algaecides and detergents to avoid impurities Into the pipeline affect the operation of the unit.

       Sixth, this water-cooled chiller R-22 refrigerant, do not add refrigerant refrigerant. If the fault occurs, please check the system according to the fault indicator. If the problem can not be solved, please contact us.