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Water Cooled Chiller Can Not Start How To Handle
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Now the application of a wide range of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller, many factories have the use of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller, although the domestic production of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller with high performance, but in the course of the use of a certain failure. Here to tell you about the Water Cooled Chiller encountered can not start the treatment.

Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller can not start the main reason for the operation of the system, the Water Cooled Chiller inlet and exit in the small pressure, can not meet the basic conditions of operation, there will be unable to start the problem.

According to the instructions of the domestic Water Cooled Chiller commander, we can intuitively understand that due to the reasons for the pump idling, the Water Cooled Chiller with the air in the system to complete the effective release, this is to meet the appropriate operating environment, to achieve the purpose of starting Water Cooled Chiller The

The final Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller need to start the pressure to support the domestic Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller to remind the users of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller, in varying degrees of difficulty after the start, the need for the actual needs of the Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller to complete the specific maintenance, so as to ensure the smooth operation of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller.

Now many companies are engaged in the production and sale of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller, and some small business production license are not, in the production, can imagine, its production of product quality. Users in the purchase of Water Cooled Water Cooled Chiller need to "three look" in order to ensure that the purchase of the crew to meet the required requirements.

A look at whether the manufacturers are professional - now many manufacturers are looking through the network to find suppliers, manufacturers to open the product introduction page to see if it is specialized in producing such products, after determining the good manufacturers, you can go to the factory field test Factory, which was selected as a qualified supplier.

Second, the configuration of the product - the configuration of industrial products is very important, in determining the manufacturer has the production capacity and production qualification, see the configuration, different products, accessories are not the same, we Shandong Province, the production of cold water unit reasonable price, Are all new original accessories, and are well-known brands. Of course, here also need to look at workmanship, small details determine the high quality, because part of the screw Water Cooled Chiller is the need for welding fixed, depending on whether the welding port smooth, with or without residual residue.

Three to see after-sales service - this needless to say, you will understand how important this is a link. We can not be one hundred percent certainly no problem, but in the event of problems after the rapid arrangements for technical staff to deal with.