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Water And Oil Temperature Different
- Mar 02, 2017 -

Temperature in the difference between water temperature and oil temperature machine
Water temperature machine with the biggest difference is that the oil temperature machine, the water temperature machine is water type mold temperature machine, the oil temperature machine is transported oil type mold temperature machine.
Aode machinery, industrial temperature control expert shenzhen as you delve into these two kinds of die temperature machine, the characteristics and differences.
What is the water temperature machine?
Water temperature machine, as the name implies, is the thermal conductivity of water as heat transfer medium mold temperature machine, also called water type mold temperature machine, the water temperature control machine, water heater, water heater heat.
Superheated water machine (180 ℃), the product features:
1, computer touch control, operation simple and easy to understand;
2, two pairs of P.I.D microcomputer temperature control table, store, automatic calculus in touch;
3, safety protection and fault indicator system perfect;
4, components, use fixed number of year long;
5, cooling speed, accurate temperature stability;
6, suitable for different temperature control use, energy saving effect is obvious;
7, stainless steel a integrated, small pipe damage, add cooked evenly;
8, boot automatically exhaust function.
Under normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 ℃.Therefore, in the case of no pressure, water temperature machine control temperature can only be less than or equal to 100 ℃.The oda in practical applications, the high temperature and water temperature machine by increasing line pressure, water temperature machine temperature control temperature can be increased to 180 ℃, thereby expanding the application range of the water machine.

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