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Vertical Single Screw Pump
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Vertical single screw pump speed and flow is a linear relationship, the pump can be fixed speed and flow. It can also be stepless speed regulation or multi-stage speed regulation to meet the requirements of various characteristics of users, flow precision (+ + 1%), can be used as a metering pump for laboratory, dispensing, ingredients. Pressure (head) generation is related to the "stator" screw lead (T), one lead (T) output pressure is 0.6mpa (60m head) pressure differential stage, two leads for the secondary pump pressure is 1.2mpa (120m head). According to the working condition, any type of pump can be made into vertical, oblique, movable small truck type pump. Vertical single screw pump parts are few, the structure is not complex, so the folding and unloading, maintenance is simple, even if the first use can be easily mastered in a short period of time.