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Vacuum Freeze Drying Technology
- Dec 31, 2018 -

Vacuum freeze drying technology is the wet material or solution at lower temperature (10 ℃ ~ - 50 ℃) under freeze into solid, then under vacuum (1.3 ~ 13 mpa) to make the water without liquid directly sublimate to gas, eventually make the material of dehydration drying technology. China is a big producer of API, so the application prospect of this technology is very broad. However, it should be noted that vacuum freeze-drying technology is spreading very rapidly in China. In contrast, its basic theoretical research is relatively backward and weak, and there are not many professional technicians. In addition, compared with other drying technologies such as airflow drying and spray drying, vacuum freeze-drying equipment has higher investment, energy consumption and drug production cost, which limits the further development of this technology. Therefore, it has become the most important problem in the field of vacuum freeze-drying technology to strengthen the basic theoretical research and realize energy saving, consumption reduction and production cost reduction while ensuring the quality of drugs.