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Three Systems And Features Of Kassel Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
- Mar 09, 2018 -

Ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration system

1. Adopt imported Germany Danfoss efficient refrigeration system. The company is located in:

2. Super thick insulation layer, secondary sealing technology of the door body, good insulation effect. The company is located in:

3. Liner imported stainless steel material.

4. Import German Danfoss dry filter. The company is located in:

5. Import Ebm fan motor. The

6. Import cryogenic refrigerant. The company is located in:

7. Ultra-low temperature freezer dedicated import oil separator. The company is located in:

8. Imported cryogenic cryogenic refrigeration oil (-145 °C)

Ultra-low temperature freezer temperature control system

1. Ultra-low temperature freezer dedicated dual platinum temperature probe.

2. Imported Italian Eliwell/DEI microcomputer precision temperature control system.

3. The digital display shows the temperature in the ultra-low temperature freezer. The company is located in:

4. Temperature control range can be freely set according to user needs.

Safe control system

1. Keyboard lock, password protection. Prevent free adjustment of cryogenic tank operating parameters. The

2. Over-temperature double alarm system. Alarm range is free to set.

3 ultra-low temperature freezer with lock.

4. Boot delay start, shutdown interval protection.

5.24-hour record printing system: 2 temperature probes inside the box, temperature and high-precision box display. [Optional]

  Unique power-off memory function, 4500 information records are saved permanently.

6. Data processing software: communicate with the computer through the 232 interface, draw the temperature curve, display the data table, data and images can be saved, query and print

7. Ultra-low temperature test chamber dedicated 220V remote alarm system. [Optional]

8. Record information Read 3-digit password protection to prevent any access to temperature change information in the ultra-low temperature freezer. [Optional]

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