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Three Kinds Of Chiller Introduction
- Dec 09, 2017 -

Injection chiller, small refrigerator, box ice machine is used in injection molding machine mold cooling a small refrigeration equipment. Precision control of mold temperature, temperature setting range of 5 ℃ -35 ℃. Need to provide general injection mold Of the frozen water at 10 ℃ -20 ℃, the above models fully meet the production needs, details can be found inquiries: Manager Wang: 13515707835

The role and performance of injection molding chiller:

1, free cooling towers, easy to install, easy to move, suitable for a lack of water installed free water tower sites;

2, low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation effect, stable throttle mechanism, excellent anti-rust treatment;

3, using the United States imports of high-performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable operation. This product uses touch-type waterproof dust control panel, injection molding chiller cooling temperature 3 ~ 35 ℃ adjustable. Contactor France Schneider Series Products, control system uses a modular design and equipped with a system into the acid-base protection current overload protection of high and low voltage protection and time delay protection and a number of protection devices, such as failure to timely alarm and display fault.

4, the unit condenser adopts fin-type design, both sides of the suction, the axial flow on the form of blowing, the evaporator copper pipe with high efficiency internal thread brass, can effectively improve the thermal effect, cleaning is also convenient.

5, pump selection Southern stainless steel high-flow high-lift pump, the use of safe ultra-quiet, energy-saving durable body shell with electrostatic powder paint paint, beautiful and generous. Equipped with stainless steel water tank, easy to clean. Device that can be used to measure and control water levels, effectively saving customers time and increasing productivity.

Small freezer configuration Features:

1, imported high-quality new compressor, import filters, expansion valves, high and low pressure gauge, temperature controller and other major parts.

2, built-in pumps, without additional pumps in the external pipeline, the factory area more clean.

3, elegant cabinet structure, small footprint, easy to install and move.

4, the standard water tank, to the mold or mechanical circuit closed loop cooling, automatic water replenishment, to eliminate water-free operation.

5, optional shell and tube evaporator, to open containers or rollers and other large-capacity container cooling, to prevent overflow.

6, according to customer requirements more into the production, to achieve more than one device or mold cooling.

Box ice machine performance analysis:

1, cooling capacity: 2.6-120KW;

2, chilled water temperature: 3-35 ℃; (lower water temperature to be specially designed and use antifreeze as a medium, higher than 30 ℃ water temperature optional without compressor, direct air-cooled)

3, air-cooled design, configuration of the outer rotor wind flow axial fan cooling fan;

4, compact integrated design, built-in stainless steel chilled water tank, circulating pump;

5, digital temperature control, with temperature display, set the temperature, automatically adjust the temperature of frozen water and delay protection;

6, immersion copper tube evaporator, no congestion, frost and other issues, no minimum water flow restrictions;

7, brass wear aluminum finned condenser, both sides into the wind, after the wind,

8, equipped with switch button, compressor pressure fault protection, low water level fault indicator, fuse;

Injection chiller, mini-chiller, box-type ice machine and other equipment performance, quality and perfect after-sales service, after the delivery of equipment, by our company responsible for the installation of free guided equipment installation and commissioning, free warranty for one year, During the warranty period, spare parts replacement and maintenance are provided free of charge.

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