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Three Aspects To Ensure The Quality Of Chiller
- Dec 11, 2017 -

Chiller water quality refers to two aspects of water quality - one is chilled water, one is the possible existence of cooling water, it is well known that the cooling water only appears in the water cooling system, but in any case, to ensure that water chiller Water quality, is to do homework. If you can not guarantee the water quality chiller, that is, frozen water and cooling water quality can not be guaranteed, what kind of problems will arise?

        First of all, chilled water will lower the cooling effect due to poor water quality.

        Chilled water is a refrigerant, its water quality must meet the needs of carrying cold, once the water quality is poor, more impurities, will inevitably reduce the chilled water as a carrier cooling effect, and then cause the ice machine efficiency on the surface decline, In fact, because of poor water quality caused by the refrigerant.

 Chiller water quality assurance three aspects:

The first aspect: Take cooling water as an example, because it is recycled, so in the long run, it is normal for it to be polluted and poor water quality. It is suggested that you regularly replace the cooling water and chilled water. The most basic should also be timely replenishment of water.

The second aspect: you can consider extending the good quality of water can ensure a longer cooling cycle of life, even in cooling water, chilled water there are all kinds of corrosive substances, and contact with air, but can still be diluted by a certain amount of water treatment products into To the cooling water or chilled water, to improve the quality of water quality period.

The third aspect: to reduce environmental pollution, especially for cooling water, direct large area contact with air, continuous circulation, and the long flow distance, valve joints and more, there will be rapid water quality problems, but if it can reduce environmental pollution in the Cooling water contact with the atmosphere, do not come into contact with all kinds of dust, debris, corrosives, floats, etc., you can to some extent, reduce the risk of water pollution and prolong the excellent quality of water used in water chiller.

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