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The Running Parts Of The Freeze Dryer Should Be Cleaned Frequently
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Freeze dryer's screw air compressor host and motor placed in the high elastic shockproof frame, effectively reduce resonance and low-frequency noise transmission, the use of high-performance open-hole flame-retardant polyurethane sound-absorbing cotton, motor and host noise has super absorption capacity. The design of the double duct makes the noise barrier inside the equipment, effectively reducing the overall noise of the compressor. If the freeze dryer used in the process of pressure loss, that is also normal phenomenon, should be considered in advance of this problem or choose the pressurization method to solve.

The operating parts of the freeze dryer need to be maintained and cleaned frequently:

1, the operation of the cleaning of parts, fastening and other maintenance work, must be carried out after the shutdown;

2, prohibit the use of petrol or kerosene to clean the air compressor filter, cylinder and other compressed air piping parts, in order to prevent fire and explosion. No burning method shall be used to remove oil from pipelines;

3, with diesel or gasoline cleaning parts, no smoking, no fire nearby, used waste oil, rags, cotton yarn should be properly handled, not littering, littering;

4, Air compressor air filter must be constantly cleaned, keep unblocked, in order to reduce unnecessary power loss;

5, if the air compressor for sand blasting and other dust in the larger work, should make the machine and sandblasting site to maintain a certain distance, and should take the corresponding dust measures