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The Principle Of Using Tcu Temperature Control Unit
- May 21, 2018 -

Change control set value

The TCU temperature control unit of the cooling and heating control system of multiple reactors is a method to control the set value by changing the set value. The system can delay the system in the response process as soon as possible and get the minimum overshoot of the system. The control consists of two sets of PID (each PID is variable) control loop. The two sets of control loops are called the main circuit and the slave loop, and the control output of the main circuit is the set value from the loop.

The Tcu temperature control unit system uses a feed-forward PV, and the output of the PID operation result of the main control loop is combined with the feedforward PV signal as the set value from the control loop. By this way, the temperature change gradient is controlled to ensure the temperature control precision of the system. (general anti lag cascade control)

A specially designed lagging predictor as a feedback signal

A specially designed lagged predictor (model free self generating algorithm) generates a dynamic signal YC (T) instead of process variable y (T) as feedback signal. A e (T) signal is generated for the Tcu temperature control unit, so that the controller has no large lag in controlling the control effect, so that the controller can always produce a suitable control signal. That is to say, even if there is a large lag, the dynamic signal YC (T) can also maintain the normal operation of the feedback loop, and control the process with a significant time lag with the general PID, then the controller output in the lag time can not get the appropriate feedback signal to keep up, from which the system response overshoot is large or even the system is made. The system is out of control.

Three point sampling

Through three points sampling (material temperature point, temperature control system exit temperature, temperature control system inlet temperature), the self created model self built tree algorithm and the general lag cascade algorithm are combined by the crown sub refrigeration.

Do you understand the use principle of Tcu temperature control unit? The Tcu temperature control unit is used in the production equipment and placed beside the reactor. You can choose according to the actual situation.