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The Importance Of Mold Temperature Machine
- Mar 01, 2018 -

The importance of mold temperature machine:

      Mold temperature machine as a plastic machinery auxiliary, the role of the production process more and more, it is obvious to all. Mold temperature machine with water-type mold temperature and oil mold temperature machine, the main difference between these two mold temperature is the media of different and control the temperature range, the two complement each other, have their own advantages, can meet Different industries, different temperature control requirements of the industry. Die temperature machine price

      Water-based mold temperature machine for the general type can only reach 99 degrees. The oil mold temperature can reach 160 degrees, high temperature oil temperature of up to 350 degrees, this is a difference. Some customers do not know how to choose the product when the mold temperature machine, then I will ask you, what kind of material you are processing it? What color is your material? At the same time your temperature requirements how much? Another key is to ask customers how much the tonnage used in the injection molding machine, so simple, if the customer is to do is a transparent or white product then we recommend customers to use water-based mold temperature machine, of course, the temperature Is inevitable. In fact, for the current injection molding machine, some companies do not have some products are not mold temperature machine, but there are many companies have to use, take the phone shell manufacturers, mold temperature machine is essential for them, this Something is mainly used to mold the heating, while reducing the defective products of customers, then it is very simple to say that the mold temperature machine is to improve product quality, as long as this is a cell phone case manufacturers know this, but there are One is when you choose the mold temperature machine is a way, then we are going to use the mold temperature machine.

      Mold temperature machine, also known as mold temperature control machine, as long as the mold is in need of temperature control, can use our products. Good quality mold temperature not only improve product quality but also help customers save costs.

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