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The Freeze Dryer Ends The Operation
- Jul 24, 2017 -

(1) open the fast charge valve of the freeze dryer and turn off the "vacuum pump" power switch so that the air slowly enters the cold hydrazine. If you want to fill the inert gas, connect the vacuum gas pressure pipe to the "inflatable port"

② turn off the freeze dryer "vacuum", "refrigeration", such as long-term need not pull the power cord;

③ lift the plexiglass cover, the items out, save, freeze and dry end;

④ After the ice in the cold water into the water, the need to remove the water from the fast inflatable valve, operation and inflatable similar; (If defrosting function, according to the defrost button to accelerate the dissolution.

⑤ clean up the cold trap in the water and impurities, proper maintenance equipment;

⑥ multi-manifold type, should be closed one by one rubber valve and remove the freeze bottle and then turn off the operation.

The complete freeze-drying machine is a complex device that integrates fast, cool, heat-dried, controlled, in-place cleaning and disinfecting functions.

The freeze dryer can be sorted in different ways. Such as according to the object, can be divided into food freeze dryer and drug freeze dryer;

Such as in accordance with the processing capacity, can be divided into large, medium and small freeze dryer;

According to the application, can be divided into test, pilot (product intermediate test, freeze-drying process can be used with large-scale production) and production with a freeze dryer.

The freeze dryer test is mainly used to explore and study the characteristics of freeze-drying of new materials; to explore and determine the process parameters of freeze-drying of new materials.

Including: the possible study of new materials in the freeze dryer process may occur;

The effects of various parameters on the freeze - drying of new materials were studied.

The pre-freezing process of the cooling rate and pre-freezing temperature, the type and concentration of protective agents, primary and secondary drying process parameters and control methods. To reach it

Both can get high-quality freeze-dried products, but also reduce the freeze-drying process time and energy consumption.