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Talking About The Requirement Of Air Cooled Chiller On Freezing Oil
- Nov 17, 2017 -

To ensure the normal operation of the air-cooled chiller refrigeration system, the requirements of the refrigeration oil is not only very comprehensive, but also very strict. Refrigeration oil is air-cooled chiller refrigeration system dedicated a lubricant, must not be replaced by ordinary lubricants. Therefore, the refrigeration oil must have the chemical stability and compatibility with the refrigerant coexistence, as well as good lubricity, low temperature fluidity, no water, no mechanical impurities and good insulation properties.

        First, the air-cooled chiller compressor performance requirements for the refrigeration oil

       Compressor is the core of the air-cooled chiller important components, is the chiller safe and stable operation of the key elements. It requires freezer oil and refrigerant coexistence with excellent chemical stability, good lubricity, excellent compatibility with the refrigerant, insulating materials and sealing materials have excellent adaptability, free of mechanical impurities, A good anti-foam.

        Second, the air-cooled chiller condenser performance requirements for the refrigeration oil

        Condenser air-cooled chiller is one of the four pieces of its role is to change the refrigerant gas or vapor into liquid, the work process is an exothermic process, so the condenser temperature is higher. Air-cooled chiller condenser requirements Refrigerant oil has a good compatibility with the refrigerant.

        Third, the air-cooled chiller expansion valve performance requirements for the refrigeration oil

       Expansion valve is the air-cooled chiller throttle element, play a throttling effect, you can control the flow of refrigerant. It requires no oil wax frozen flocculent separation, can not contain water, can not contain mechanical impurities.

       Fourth, air-cooled chiller evaporator performance requirements for the refrigeration oil

       Evaporator is a very important part of the air-cooled chiller refrigeration four parts, the evaporator process is: low temperature condensate "liquid" body through the evaporator, with the outside air heat exchange, "gas" heat absorption , To achieve the cooling effect. Its requirement for freezer oil is excellent low temperature fluidity, wax-free flocculent separation, no water, and excellent compatibility with the refrigerant.