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Standard Classification Of Freeze Dryer
- May 25, 2017 -

Freeze dryer classification from different angles, with different classification methods.

From the perspective of the freeze dryer, the freeze dryer's own classification, according to different standards are classified as follows:

Freeze dryer according to the size of the specifications are divided into: desktop freeze dryer, small freeze dryer, medium-sized freeze dryer and large freeze dryer.

Which from the shelf effective area of 1 ~ 50m2 has basically formed a series, the key components can be purchased through international procurement from home and abroad. Traditionally, we will be 1 ~ 10m2 freeze dryer called medium (production) freeze dryer; 10 ~ 50 m2 freeze dryer called large (production) freeze dryer. And 1 m2 or less (such as 0.4 m2 or 0.6 m2) freeze dryer called the experimental freeze dryer. Desktop and small are mainly used in the laboratory, large and medium-sized mainly used in large-scale factory production and so on.

According to the style can be divided into: economic, general type, gland type and multi manifold type. Which is economical and ordinary type is mainly used in the general freeze-drying, gland type in addition to freeze-drying also has a vacuum packaging performance, multi-manifold type with fast freezing, easy to use features.

Drying of the products are generally reduced size, texture hardening problems, most of the volatile components will be lost, some heat-sensitive substances degeneration, inactivation, and some substances even occurred oxidation. As a result, the dried product has a large difference in traits compared to before drying. The freeze-drying method is basically carried out at 0 ° C, that is, in the product frozen state, only in the latter part of the product to reduce the residual moisture content, only to the product rose to 0 ℃ above the temperature, but generally not more than 40 ℃. Under vacuum conditions, when the water vapor directly sublimated, the drug left in the frozen ice shelf, the formation of similar sponge-like loose porous structure, so it is almost dry after the volume size. Before re-use, as long as the addition of water for injection, it will immediately dissolve.

Advantages of freeze dryer:

1, many heat-sensitive substances will not be degeneration or inactivation;

2, at low temperature drying, the material in some of the volatile components of the loss is small;

3, in the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the role of enzymes can not be carried out, so to maintain the original traits;

4, because in the frozen state of drying, so the volume is almost unchanged, to maintain the original structure, will not occur concentrated phenomenon;

5, because the material in the water after the pre-freeze in the form of ice crystals, the original dissolved in water in the inorganic salt dissolved substances are evenly distributed in the material;

6, after drying the material loose porous, sponge-like, dissolved after the water quickly and completely, almost immediately restore the original traits;

7, because the drying in the vacuum, oxygen is very small, so some easy to oxidize the material has been protected.

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