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Some Suggestions On The Safe Use Of Oil Temperature Machine
- Nov 18, 2017 -

We often say that the oil temperature machine can be called electric heating oil furnace, oil heater, the oil temperature machine high temperature (generally 300 ℃), the process will often have a failure or even a security risk, customers are using Such products will be very worried. In fact, the current design of such electric heating oil furnace has been very perfect, but improper use or poor quality of the HTF is also a potential safety hazard. Now let Hangzhou Cassel Machinery tell you how to safely use the oil temperature machine:

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       First, choose the oil temperature machine manufacturers must pay attention to his products in the security design has the following features:

1, the system can not start the heating in the state of no pressure, can prevent the heating tube dry.

2, the air started tripping function, the temperature exceeds the temperature control device detects the system temperature exceeds the design temperature of the device, tripping the device off the power switch, to ensure that equipment will not fire accidents due to high temperature.

3, to see if the accessories used by the equipment are genuine, whether the accessories meet the needs of the equipment, avoid shoddy, the service life of the equipment will be reduced or even lead to safety accidents.

       Second, the choice of HTF is essential, high temperature oil machine using HTF must choose a good brand, and depends on the standard parameters, the market is very hot and shoddy products sold, bad luck is not added to the bad luck, Risk of fire. Poor heat conduction oil life is short, prone to scaling, impurities in the high temperature state will have a decomposition, the temperature can not rise up, there will be a vapor produced fuel injection situation.