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Single Screw Transport Pump
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Single screw transport pump, its main working parts are eccentric helical screw (called rotor) and the inner surface of the screw liner is a double spiral surface (called stator). Its working principle is that when the motor drives the pump shaft rotation, the screw on the one hand around the axis of its own rotation, on the other hand it along the inner surface of the liner rolling, so as to form a pump seal chamber. Every turn of the screw, the liquid in the sealed cavity pushes forward a pitch. With the continuous rotation of the screw, the liquid spiral is pressed from one sealed cavity to another sealed cavity, and finally the pump body is extruded. Screw pump is a new type of liquid conveying machinery, with simple structure, safe and reliable work, easy to use and maintenance, continuous and uniform liquid output, pressure stability and other advantages.