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Salt water chiller maintenance
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Kassel specializing in the production of salt water chiller, also has decades of temperature control equipment R & D and production experience

Saline cryogenic chiller is a brine brine as a cryogenic chiller, the temperature range of 0 degrees to minus 40 degrees

Chillers are also commonly known as freezers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, etc.

    Saline cryogenic chillers, generally refers to the unit water temperature less than or equal to 5 ℃ of the unit. It is usually used for low temperature demand on some special production lines in industry. Saline low temperature chillers generally can be about -40 ℃.

    Saline cryogenic chillers due to the lower water temperature, the unit design, the relatively conventional chillers are quite different.

The most basic difference lies in the chilled water side, low-temperature units need to add the appropriate type of antifreeze at the appropriate concentration.

   General random group of water temperature gradually decreased, the unit design requirements gradually increased, the unit cost of cooling the same rise.

Low temperature unit category

Low-temperature units usually by cooling form can also be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled.

Compressor can be divided into the form of piston, scroll, screw and so on.

Due to the characteristics of the compressor, relative to conventional chillers, chillers, very few centrifugal.


Chiller backwater temperature and water temperature detection (unit to be normal state): 30 minutes after the start of the system through the control system parameters of the system or chiller access to water system thermometer, you can read out the unit when the water temperature, Water temperature, the difference between the need to ensure that about 4-6 degrees, if the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water is too large, it means that the flow of water through the plate-type water system is too small, which may cause the unit can not operate normally or damaged.


Unit out of the water pipe water pressure detection: Through the backwater pressure and water pressure value of the test, and then in the random manual of the unit to check the chiller in the water under the pressure of the water flow is how much, through the inspection manual of the unit Of the water flow table or map corresponding to determine the water system is normal; and through this difference to determine which section of the water pipeline resistance value is too large, and make the appropriate rectification programs and actions.