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Rubber Temperature Control Machine
- Nov 28, 2017 -

Establish their own laboratories, design, development, production of a series of sophisticated products, is committed to building the first domestic brand temperature control industry. Product quality assured, the components are imported components internationally renowned brands. Innovative product design, high-end configuration, long service life. Japan's Omron temperature controller, set value and the actual value were displayed, saving more than 35%, temperature accuracy can be controlled at ± 1 degrees, simple operation, temperature control, quickly reach the required temperature of various products. Taiwan Yuan Xin circulating pump (also available other brands), pump power according to customer needs choose the right power, custom multi-point temperature control unit. Internal pipe stainless steel forming, heat loss within the tube, heating evenly. Pipe heating design unique explosion-proof device, the boot automatically exhaust, back to the oil temperature display and many other safety devices. RS485 communication functions, to achieve automated management.

      Mold temperature in the injection molding, plastic industry is more common, its main role is to heat the mold and maintain its working temperature to ensure the quality and stability of injection molding parts and optimize the processing time, you can heat up can also be cool. Mold temperature machine using high thermal conductivity of the heat transfer medium in a very short period of time will die excess heat away. After setting the heat balance temperature, it can automatically control the temperature within the minimum error, and can maintain a fixed value. Set the thermal equilibrium temperature can automatically control the temperature within a very small error and can maintain a fixed value. Mold temperature on the quality of injection molding and injection molding time has a decisive role.

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