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Rotary Pump
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Screw pump is a rotary pump (see pump) that relies on the change and movement of the meshing volume between the pump body and the screw to transfer liquid or pressurize it. Screw pump screw number is divided into single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump. The picture shows the double-screw pump. When the active screw rotates, drive the driven screw that meshes with it to rotate together, the screw meshing space volume at one end of the suction cavity increases gradually, and the pressure decreases. The liquid enters the volume of meshing space under the action of pressure difference. When the volume is increased to the maximum and a sealed cavity is formed, the liquid moves continuously along the axis in each sealed cavity until one end of the cavity is discharged. At this time, the volume of screw meshing space at one end of the discharge cavity gradually shrinks, and the liquid is discharged. Screw pump working principle and gear pump similar, only in the structure of the screw instead of gear. Table for various screw pump characteristics and application range. Screw pump flow and pressure pulse is very small, noise and vibration is small, has the ability of self-absorption, but screw processing is more difficult. Pump has a single suction type and double suction type of two structures, but the single screw pump only single suction type. The pump must be equipped with a safety valve (single screw pump does not need to be equipped with) to prevent some reason such as discharge pipe blockage so that the pump outlet pressure exceeds the allowable value and damage to the pump or prime mover