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RHCM High-speed Non-marking High-speed Rapid Cooling Mold Temperature Molding Technology
- Nov 25, 2017 -

RHCM speed cooling hot mold temperature machine features

1 single change mold temperature test (optional), the input and output pipes are not embroidered steel pipe, multiple sets of input and output interfaces.

2 full closed-loop system control input and output temperature detection, the actual temperature of the mold feedback PLC, the number of color changes display to ensure

Output accurate and stable.

3 7-inch LCD true color LCD display (optional), touch Chinese digital wheel into the whole Chinese interface, easy to operate.

4 high temperature steam, cold water, air temperature and pressure six alarm, time and action and injection molding machine letter interlocking.

Fast cooling speed hot mold temperature advantages

1 thin wall molding to improve the mobility of injection molding, improve the strength of product quality, thick-walled molding cycle can be reduced by more than 60%.

2 eliminate the surface of the product melt connection, weld marks, silver lines.

3 to improve product surface finish, the surface finish can reach the mirror.

4 completely solve the plastic surface shrinkage phenomenon.

5 products do not need to paint the follow-up processing, improve the phenomenon yield 20-30%.


Rapid cooling speed hot mold temperature applications

Currently used for LCD TVs, computer LCD monitors, automotive LCD monitors, lamps and optical instruments and other industries.

In ordinary injection molding, the mold temperature is set low, although the molding cycle can be shortened, but prone to sink, resulting in poor appearance quality. phase

Inverse, the mold temperature is set high, you can improve the appearance of the appearance of the product quality, but prone to warping, sagging, poor size, etc., while extending the molding week

Period, raising costs.

High gloss steam injection molding technology can solve the above two problems at the same time, which utilizes the steam and cooling water generated by the steam furnace to control the internal mode of a molding cycle

With the temperature, so that the advantages of both methods are to play.

First of all, by injecting steam before injection, the temperature of the mold reaches a temperature that exceeds the thermal deformation of the resin, and then injecting the molten resin, no wire is formed,

Surface quality of the molded products. After the molten resin injection is completed, the cooling process starts. With cooling water to the mold temperature dropped rapidly to the resin thermal deformation temperature

Degree below. In this way, you can speed up the resin curing speed, to shorten the molding cycle, to solve the warp, sag and other issues.

High-gloss steam injection can eliminate the surface of the product solution welding, welding marks, ripples and silver wire pattern, completely solve the plastic surface shrinkage and make the product surface

Finish to the mirror level. Products do not need spraying the follow-up processing, reduce costs and shorten the delivery time. In addition, high gloss injection can solve the increase of fiber

Floating fiber products produced by the phenomenon, so that product quality more perfect. In thin-wall molding, high-gloss injection molding can help improve the flowability of injection molding and improve product quality

Volume and intensity. It can also reduce thick-walled injection molding cycle more than 70%.

Kassel Machinery Seiki latest development of high-temperature mold machine, there are suitable injection molding machine 600-800 tons and 300-500 tons and 300 tons of the following three models, the largest special

Point is not to use boiler equipment, the whole machine is equipped with high-temperature hot water machine and freezer, and an increase of hot water and cooling water recovery system, with the current market imported machine

Compared to 600 tons of injection molding machine, you can save 1160 degrees per day electricity (by 20 hours / day), save 12 tons of water (by 20 hours / day basis), and the use of pot

Compared to the calculation of furnace steam heating, the annual cost savings of more than 170,000 yuan, energy-saving effect is remarkable, the profit is considerable.

Kassel mechanical high-speed machine speed hot light mold temperature with 8-inch LCD True Color Siemens LCD display, touch Chinese sub-input, all Chinese interface, operation

simple. Full closed-loop system control the input and output temperature of the test, the actual temperature of the mold feedback PLC, digital color changes display to ensure accurate and stable output. steam

Steam, cold water, and mold temperature display, with time and action and injection molding machine interlock signal.