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RHCM High-speed Non-marking High-speed Rapid Cooling Mold Temperature Molding Technology
- Nov 21, 2017 -

RHCM high-speed light-speed high-speed rapid cooling mold temperature molding technology can solve the above two problems at the same time, which uses the steam generated by the steam oven and cooling water to control the mold temperature during a molding cycle, so that the two methods Advantages are able to play. High-gloss steam injection can eliminate the surface of the product solution welding, welding marks, ripples and silver wire pattern, completely solve the plastic surface shrinkage and make the product surface finish mirror level. Products do not need spraying the follow-up processing, reduce costs and shorten the delivery time. In addition, high-gloss injection molding can also solve the problem of floating fibers produced by fiber products, so that product quality more perfect. In thin-wall molding, high-gloss injection molding helps to improve injection fluidity and improve product quality and strength. It can also reduce thick-walled injection molding cycle more than 70%.

At present, RHCM high-speed light-speed high-speed hot and cold-speed hot mold temperature is mainly used in television frame, laptop frame, cell phone case, game consoles and other precision injection molding, mainly to eliminate weld lines, reduce injection process, Reduce personnel expenses and so on