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Plastic Injection Temperature Machine With Water Machine What Is The Difference
- Dec 01, 2017 -

The oil temperature machine can provide a wider temperature range, but the water temperature machine does not work (up to 100 ° C). There are currently two kinds of mold temperature machine, one is the oil temperature machine, the other is the water temperature machine. The principle is the water temperature machine is better, but if the mold temperature is higher, only the oil temperature machine, water The boiling point is 100 degrees, the water temperature machine seal done better, you can reach 140 degrees, while the oil temperature machine can reach 200 degrees.

Water temperature machine is transported by water-based mold temperature machine water as a medium, water machine (water mold temperature machine) Features

1, computer touch control, easy to understand.

2, microcomputer double group P.I.D temperature control table, touch storage, automatic calculation.

3, safety protection and fault indication system is perfect. 4, long service life of components.

5, heating and cooling speed, accurate and stable temperature.

6, suitable for different temperature control places, energy-saving effect is obvious.

7, stainless steel forming, tube loss is small, plus cooked evenly.

8, boot automatically exhaust function.

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