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Performance Factors Of Screw - Type Chiller Assembly
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Compressor is the core of the Water Cooled Chiller, the performance of the compressor can provide a direct impact on the performance of the entire unit, and the performance of the compressor directly determine and limit the performance of the Water Cooled Chiller. The evaporator and condenser inside the industrial Water Cooled Chiller directly affect the performance of the compressor, such as evaporation temperature, condensation temperature, superheat and undercooling. Screw-type Water Cooled Chiller is the use of shell and tube evaporator and condenser, affecting the performance of the evaporator and condenser, roughly the following factors:

1, the homogenizer and the inner end of the cover line

The reasonable structure of the homogenizer can maximize the distribution of the evaporator inlet refrigerant in the heat transfer tube to ease the gas and liquid separation phenomenon. And in different processes to convert the inner end of the cover line should be as smooth as possible to reduce the resistance to avoid gas-liquid separation, so that the refrigerant in the next process heat transfer tube distribution evenly.

2, heat transfer tube

Different flow of the number of heat transfer tube reasonable distribution or not, the structure and length of the heat transfer tube on its performance are relatively large. It is possible to optimize the proportion of the number of heat transfer tubes between different processes, so as to obtain a better proportion of heat transfer effect. You can also choose the higher performance of the corrugated inner finned tube, not only can strengthen the fluorine side of the heat transfer, but also to strengthen the water side of the heat transfer

3, baffle and shell between the string of water

Although the heat transfer coefficient of the water side is larger than that of the fluorine side heat transfer, if the string water is generated between the baffle and the shell, the heat exchange on the water side is seriously affected. In order to reduce the adverse effects of string water, in addition to the baffle structure to take measures, but also on the shell side of the water speed is optimized to get a more reasonable water speed, such as 1.2 ~ 2.0m / s. 

4, the tube mass flow rate

From the evaporative heat transfer in the tube, it is found that the evaporation of the tube is significantly influenced by the mass flow rate of the refrigerant in the tube, and the mass flow rate of the refrigerant is gradually decreased along the length of the evaporative tube. Which causes the evaporative heat release coefficient of the refrigerant to decrease gradually along the length of the heat transfer tube, and the exothermic coefficient of the latter process is much lower than that of the previous process. Therefore, the refrigerant flow rate is calculated and optimized for different High heat transfer coefficient of refrigerant flow range. 

5, subcooler

In the condenser using the subcooler can effectively improve the refrigerant undercooling, subcooling can be as high as 7-8 ℃, can effectively reduce the evaporator liquid supply temperature, thereby increasing the chiller cooling capacity.