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Overview Of Freeze Dryers
- Jan 12, 2017 -

After air compressors compressed, rear cooler cooling, gas and water separator, buffer tank regulator of compressed air is saturated, its relative humidity of 100%, but also oil, solid particles and other impurities. the compressed air is not directly used, needs freeze dryers, drying equipment and drying treatment.

Main constitute: refrigeration compressor, and dry filter device, and heat bypass valve, and expansion valve, and wind condensation device, and cold media high pressure table, and cold media low voltage table, and pressure controller, and electronic drainage device, and main contact device, and heat exchanger Assembly, cold dry machine is according to frozen dehumidification principle, will compression air forced through evaporator for hot Exchange and cooling, makes pressure fully air in the gaseous of water and oil after, pressure cooling, condensation into liquid of water and oil, and entrainment dust, through automatically drainage device discharge system outside, to get clean of compression air.

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