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Oil Temperature Machine Operating Abnormal Solution
- Dec 05, 2017 -

The main purpose of the oil temperature machine is to heat. Constant temperature, temperature control. Initially for the injection molding machine mold, and later with the industrial development, the oil temperature machine is applied to other production industries, a reactor (reactor oil heater ) Calender roll (roller oil heater) Extrusion (extrusion die temperature machine) Injection molding (injection molding temperature control machine) Laminating machine (laminating machine oil temperature machine) Die casting (die-casting machine for oil temperature machine) and so on Oil temperature machine is a temperature control system, it can be said to be a module or a temperature control module, but the demand temperature can not exceed 370 degrees.

Oil temperature machine may occur failure:

Fault one: When the circulating pump running current is normal, the working ability of the circulating pump drops.

Failure Analysis: Heat cylinder accumulation of scale scaling impact of carbonization.

Treatment: cleaning heat pipe and mold temperature machine internal piping.

Fault 2: pump constant pressure in the oil temperature, high current flow is low.

Reasons: there is oil temperature inside the thermal media deterioration, resulting in increased viscosity.

Failure Analysis: Timely replacement or regeneration of thermal oil, while paying attention to exhaust.

Fault three: the circulating pump current value is reduced, the export pump back to zero, indicating pump idle does not supply oil.

Reason: It may be caused by the heat-conducting oil vaporization, to identify the reasons for the vaporization to take appropriate measures.

Disposal: If the circulation pump is exhausted due to blockage of the filter, open the bypass filter immediately.If the newly added water or water-decomposed gas does not exclude in the system, the venting valve should be opened immediately.

Fault four: before and after the filter pressure increases, the pump inlet pressure drops.

Cause: It may be clogged filter.

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