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Oil Temperature Can Not Lower The Temperature Reasons
- Nov 15, 2017 -

 We know that the application of the oil temperature machine in many fields is mainly for the purpose of temperature reduction, and the cooling function is also essential in order to control the temperature of the oil temperature machine more accurately and to lower the temperature of the heat transfer oil rapidly. When using the equipment, if you encounter the temperature of the oil temperature does not drop down generally what causes it? How should we deal with such failures? Xiaobian oil machine today to explain to you:

    First of all, we analyze the principle and method of cooling under the mold temperature to different cycle heat transfer medium, the mold temperature machine can be divided into two types of water mold temperature machine and oil mold temperature machine, the general use of direct cooling water machine Way, and the oil temperature is more indirect cooling method.

    Direct cooling is used in a water-based mold temperature equipment, a way, the unit has no independent heat exchange unit, when the cooling function is turned on, the cooling solenoid valve will open to allow cooling water directly into the piping system, and part of the discharge Hot water in order to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. Advantages of using direct cooling is rapid cooling, unit cost is relatively low, because the cooling water is directly into the pipeline, so the system temperature can be quickly reduced to meet the needs of rapid cooling, the disadvantage is the scope of application of small, large impact on the impact of cold , Temperature control accuracy will be worse, the other if the water quality of the cooling water has not been processed, it is easy to scale in the system piping, affecting the late heat transfer efficiency.

    There is also a cooling method is the use of indirect cooling, die temperature machine installed inside the plate heat exchanger or oil cooler and other devices, the system of heat medium and cooling water in the heat exchanger for heat exchange, thereby reducing the media temperature . The advantages of indirect cooling is the high precision and adaptability of temperature control, which can be applied to the temperature control of the high temperature oil circulation temperature control machine, and the cooling impact on the temperature control equipment is relatively small due to the first cooling of the heat transfer medium, Of course, the disadvantage is that the cooling rate is relatively slow, the price is more expensive than direct cooling.

    If the temperature of the oil temperature does not drop down, we in addition to troubleshooting the above may lead to some of the reasons, but also need to check whether the cooling plate is replaced or the cooling exchanger clogging. Today Xiaobian oil temperature machine to explain to everyone here, more information can call us.