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Oil Heater Operating Procedures
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Oil heater operating procedures

 1, the scope of this code provides oil heater inspection and preparation before operation, control theory, operating procedures, the basic operation of the temperature controller, precautions.

 2, the control principle:

  2.1 oil heater by a temperature control table to achieve the main control function, the master table Temp.Controller collection of electric heater outlet temperature signal output by the PID 4-20mA output signal to the SCR, the control of the output power of oil heaters, you can Achieve 0-100% of the output power of the smooth adjustment;

 2.2 master table Temp.Controller has a low temperature alarm function, when the medium temperature is below the low temperature alarm set point, the control cabinet will have low temperature alarm indication;

 2.3St2 used as oil heater over-temperature alarm shutdown control instrument. Alarm only after the temperature dropped, and after manual reset, remove the alarm state, the oil heater to restart;

 2.4 oil heater with liquid level status monitoring, when there is a low level, the control cabinet alarm indication, when there is low level, turn off the entire electric heater, and the alarm prompts the user to make up for additional fuel;

 2.5 oil heater status and alarm information has been connected to the PIC system, the operator in the PLC can be easily and easily informed of various states of the oil heater.

 Inspection and preparation of oil heater before operation

1 in the power distribution room check electric heater control cabinet main switch, voltage switch, temperature control instrumentation, over-temperature alarm instrument is normal;

2 When the oil heater is put into operation for the first time, there should be a professional and technical personnel present;

3 use, check the oil heater without medium flow to prevent burn out electric heater;

4 check station site electric heater thermal oil level gauge, and make a record;

5 Check the oil heater explosion-proof junction box is grounded.

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