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Mold Temperature Plastic Machine In The Champion
- Jan 29, 2018 -

In addition to injection molding, extrusion, blow molding machines and other hosts, the plastics processing industry is also extensive use of various auxiliary equipment. For the modern plastics processing industry, the performance of auxiliary machinery also has a significant impact on product quality and the productivity of the business. A wide range of plastic auxiliary machines, are widely used in various fields of plastic processing industry, plastic auxiliary machines are essential equipment, and sometimes an integral part of the entire production line. One of the mold temperature machine is a very important part of plastic auxiliary.

 Currently on the market there are two kinds of mold temperature machine: water mold temperature machine, oil mold temperature machine is different, its working principle is the same, just use the media according to the actual have different choices Diesel mechanical production mold temperature excellent Quality, good reputation, is widely used in plastic molding, light guide, pressure casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical industry, reactors, adhesives, mixers and all walks of life.

Kassel Machinery: Mold temperature plastic machine in the champion

    Die-casting machine in the die-casting industry there is also a lot of room for use, especially in magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy manufacturing, uneven or improper mold temperature will lead to instability casting size, the top of the casting deformation in the production process, Produce thermal stress, sticky mold, surface depression, shrinkage and hot bubble and other defects. The production cycle also has an impact, such as filling time, cooling time and spray time are unstable variables. Die life will also be affected by overheating and overheating of the impact of expensive steel hot cracking, to accelerate its aging.

    In the modern factories, the business strategy of saving manpower, improving quality and reducing costs in response to market competition is urgent. With the use of mold temperature machines, mold preheating time can be reduced, surface quality of finished products can be improved, and production can be fully automated. Improve the life of the mold is necessary to improve productivity.

Kassel Machinery: Mold temperature plastic machine in the champion

    In the use of die-casting industry also has a lot of space, especially in the magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy does not mean that or improper mold temperature can lead to instability in the size of the casting, injection molding in the production process deformation, resulting in hot pressure, sticky Hysteresis mode, surface depression, shrinkage and hot bubbles and other defects. With the production cycle and the impact, such as filling time, cooling time and spray time instability change. In addition, the service life of the mold can also be affected by the overheating and overheating of expensive steel hot cracks, accelerated aging.

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