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Mold Temperature Machine Industry
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Mold temperature machine, also known as mold temperature control machine, widely used in plastic molding, light guide plate die-casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reactors, bonding, mixing and other industries. In a broad sense, called temperature control equipment, including temperature control of both heating and freezing.

Mold temperature machine in the plastic industry is more common, the main role is:

1, improve product molding efficiency;

2, reduce the production of bad products;

3, improve the appearance of the product, inhibition of product defects;

4, speed up the production schedule, reduce energy consumption, energy conservation.

Applications, petroleum and chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, melting, dehydration, forced insulation.

Oil industry: fatty acid distillation, oil decomposition, concentration, esterification, vacuum stinky reactor temperature control, reactor heating.

Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melting, spinning, stretching, drying.

Textile printing and dyeing work: heat-setting roller heating, drying room heating, heat capacity dyeing.

Nonwovens Industry: Nonwovens.

Feed industry: drying.

Plastics and rubber industry: hot pressing, rolling, extrusion, vulcanization molding.

Paper industry: dry, corrugated paper processing.

Wood industry: plywood, fiberboard pressure molding, laminate heating, hot plate heating, hydraulic press temperature control, wood drying.

Building materials work: gypsum board drying, asphalt heating, curing concrete components.

Machinery industry: painting, printing and drying.

Food industry: oven heating, sandwich pot heating.

Air conditioning industry: industrial plants and civil heating.

Road Construction Industry: Asphalt melting, insulation.

Pharmaceutical industry: drying.

Light industry: the production of ink, washing powder.