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Mold Temperature Machine Applications
- Dec 06, 2017 -

Mold temperature machine is mainly used to adjust the balance mold temperature, set the temperature, the microcomputer automatically controls the heating, cooling to adjust the mold temperature, the use of mold temperature machine has the following characteristics:

1, precise control of mold or other equipment temperature;

2, improve product quality;

3, high efficiency and energy saving, improve production efficiency.

  Mold temperature was originally the most plastic auxiliary to maintain the mold temperature, improve the quality of injection molded parts and improve product quality. In the injection molding industry, the mold temperature control is the key to the production of injection molded parts, mold temperature on the injection molding has a decisive role. The main purpose of the mold temperature control is to heat the mold to the working temperature, and then keep the mold temperature. If the mold temperature is too high or too low, different materials will have different effects. For thermoplastics, excessive mold temperatures increase the cooling time and injection cycle. Too low a temperature will reduce the shrinkage in the mold, thereby increasing the ratings of the molded parts after demolding. For heat-setting plastic, the mold temperature can reduce the cycle time, product yield will be reduced.

  With the various industries on the production efficiency, product quality requirements improve, the scope of application of the mold temperature machine is no longer confined to the injection molding industry, alloy die-casting, chemical reactor temperature control, roller temperature control, rubber curing industry, pressing machine control Temperature and more industries.

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