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Mold Temperature Control Machine Concept
- Dec 09, 2017 -

Mold temperature control machine is used for mold temperature control of a heating device, sub-water temperature and oil temperature machine two types. Divided into different models and specifications, according to the different process to match, such as small molds used 6KW mold temperature Machine and 9KW mold temperature machine, large mold you need to calculate the selection of matching heating power. Tel Wang Tel: 13515707835

Mold temperature control machine performance:

1. According to the need to choose any water or oil as a heat transfer medium.

2. Select the equipped with PID intelligent automatic temperature controller can accurately display and control the mold temperature difference within the required temperature ± 1 ℃.

3. Two-stage heating structure design, the required temperature increase or decrease power, and with special heat structure, saving time and energy.

4. Think of a variety of protective devices, such as: no fuse switch, lack of water or lack of oil, abnormal temperature and pump overload automatic warning system, the circuit can be automatically cut off to ensure safety.

5.PID system control, the choice of imported thermostat, temperature difference of ± 1 ℃.

Mold temperature control machine role:

1. Molding before the mold temperature control machine rapid heating and always maintain a constant temperature, reducing the mold preheating the hours required.

2. Sustainable operation without mold temperature is too high, and the way down will not be due to lower mold temperature and the need to wait for temperature, so as to improve production efficiency.

3. Plastic thermal expansion and contraction of the physical characteristics, so if the mold temperature is unstable or improperly controlled, will generate the product folder watermarks, shrinkage, distortion, deformation and surface gloss and other undesirable phenomena, and the use of TMC models can be solved Such problems.

4. Can promote the mold to maintain the proper temperature, significantly reduce the number of molds and reduce the rate of bad molding products, to ensure product quality.

Mold temperature control machine works by the pump-driven heat transfer medium (water or oil) from the system with built-in heating device and cooler into the mold temperature control flow channel, and then returned from the mold heating device , Heating cycle.The controller adjusts the temperature according to the temperature of the hot fluid detected by the temperature sensor so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the surface temperature of the mold.

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