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Magnesium Die-casting Mold Temperature Machine Concept
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Magnesium die-casting mold temperature machine concept

    With the development of die-casting industry, different characteristics of magnesium alloy die-casting process, according to different products, different processes and to determine the different temperatures. The best way to heat is to heat the mold with hot oil using a mold temperature machine, which continuously heats the mold from the inside through the pipes in the mold. Can be tailored to customer requirements.

    Inappropriate mold temperatures can result in unstable castings and may produce sticky, modified, undercut and other defects. In order to heat the mold, some die-casting plant commonly used guns heating method. This method is not suitable for magnesium alloy, because it is difficult to make the mold temperature uniformity, the life of the mold because of the impact of overheating and overheating and easy to crack. In addition, due to the low latent heat of magnesium alloy, in the production, especially in the production of thin-walled parts, in order to maintain good filling conditions and stable production, the mold is usually heated continuously to maintain the balance of the mold temperature. In magnesium alloy die-casting, the ideal way to heat is to use the mold temperature by hot oil on the mold heating, hot oil uninterrupted through the mold pipe, from the inside of the mold heating, the mold to achieve a stable equilibrium . As the HTF can not only heat, but also can be the same as the water on the mold cooling, the function of heat exchanger, so that the mold temperature maintained within a certain range. This heating method, the mold temperature is stable and uniform, can effectively extend the life of the mold, improve product quality, but also make the production beats stable. Magnesium die-casting process in the mold temperature is generally maintained at between 180 ℃ -280 ℃.

    Magnesium alloy die-casting sub-chamber and cold chamber in two forms, the pressure is also different when die-casting, hot chamber machine pressure than about 40MPa pressure, cold room machine pressure is higher than the hot room machine, the pressure is usually 40 -70MPa. Another important point is the pressure build pressure time, due to the low latent heat of solidification magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy in the mold solidification time is much shorter than the aluminum alloy, if the pressurization time is too late, then the gate and The cavity of the liquid metal has solidified, the pressure will lose its meaning.So building pressure time is a measure of magnesium alloy die-casting machine performance is an important factor, most of the pressure casting machine pressure build-up time in more than 60ms, then the gate Of the magnesium alloy has been solidified, pressurized pressure can not be passed inside the mold cavity, excellent injection system pressure build-up time is usually less than 20ms.

Function introduction of magnesium alloy die-casting mold temperature machine

     Elimination of internal porosity die casting, shrinkage, shrinkage, improve the quality of castings, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. The use of imported micro-PLC or PLC, the process of die-casting process parameters for testing and control. Pump power according to customer needs, according to different products, different processes and to determine the different temperatures. Pipeline explosion-proof device unique heating design, temperature control, quickly reach the required temperature of a variety of products. Rapid heating and cooling speed, temperature accurate and stable, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃, saving more than 30%.